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Digipack - Glance/Sony Music, 2010

Ten Directions is the twelfth album by Roberto Cacciapaglia. Ten directions in the Eastern cosmogony’s means "in all directions throughout space." These directions are the eight of the compass: east, south-east, south, southwest, west, north-west, north, north-east, plus the Nadir (below) and Zenith (at the top). These "Ten directions" are often matched to past, present and future to describe the set of all places (Ten Directions) and times (Three Times.)

The sound releases itself, it radiates and spreads everywhere, and on its way back it creates contact points, and unexplained bridges, in a two- way process. It is an affecting and charming dimension because we recognize it, surprising and exciting us at the same time. As a light, it shines on hidden regions throughout our mind and heart, and reaches the heart of hearts of each of us. The listener and the player find themselves in a sensitive living and sharing condition that is the communion, the union of sound and spirit. It is Music away from make- believe and noise, which always dwells everywhere in the ten directions.

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