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Digipack - Decca Records, 2014


Alphabet is the fourteenth album by Roberto Cacciapaglia. The Alphabet is a pure space; the source of all languages. The Alphabet is to language, what sound is to music or what emotion is to feelings. La-Si-Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol. In English notation A-B-C-D-E-F-G. Sound, like the Alphabet, is beyond time, motionless, until the letters finally expand into space. They enter into language and time, allowing us to discover the world in which we find ourselves through forms. I often imagine sound dressed and masked by musical forms from different periods. These are sound’s masks, which enter our field of perception through infinite transformations and functions. Letters travel in a vertical direction, as frequencies in space do. Numbers travel in a horizontal direction, pronouncing the flow of time. The encounter between letters and numbers creates the dimension of space and time. That’s why letters and numbers are Music’s code. The work of the musician or composer is to transform the world of sound into energy.

There is an Alphabet, an invisible language, which is parallel and inside the letters; the Soul of the Letters. The Alphabet, source of all possibilities, is infinite like our potential: Universe without limits...

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